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Simple Perfect (Kalimat Sempurna)
1.    Verbal  Sentence
“ S + have/has + V3 ”
Example :
1)    I have to be prepared for scrutiny
2)    Hodgson has won eight league titles in two countries with three clubs
3)    We’ve apointed can improve the group
4)    They haven’t done themselves justice in recent tournaments.
5)    England management might have seemed unthinkable at the start of 2011
6)    I’ve worked with Roy
7)    England has friendly againts Norway in Oslo
8)    Popovich has nonetheless molded another contender with a surprising supporting cast of rookies and former NBA no-names
9)    Pop has done a terrific job molding a mix of exprience and inexperience
10) Duncan has called this popovich’s best season between managing minutes

2.    Non Verbal Sentence
“ S + Have/Has + been + V1 “
Example :
1)    I have been here a short period of time
2)    Tornament footbal has always been a big challenge
3)    It might have been rough,all things considered
4)    This has been the greatest experience of our lives
5)    The CMA awards has been very important to balancing out her career
6)    This award has been given to a great group of women
7)    Who have been tied up and restrained by their impoverished families because the cannot afford a doctor
8)    Who has been residing in indonesia since 1986
9)    She has been an extreme right political figure
10) Indo premier securities have been appointed to underwriter the bond offering

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